District Transparency Certificate of Excellence

This program was created in an effort to promote transparency in the operations and governance of special districts to the public and to provide special districts with an opportunity to showcase their efforts in transparency.

There are no fees for this certificate and districts will be recognized for three full years. Three main subject areas include:

  • Basic Transparency Requirements
  • Website Requirements
  • Outreach Requirements

These are only a sampling of all the requirements needed to complete the transparency certificate. While it takes time to compile these requirements, being able to shine a light on all of the efforts your district has taken to be transparent is invaluable to the public.

Why earn it?

  1. The certificate covers all general, website, and outreach best practices and requirements regarding transparency for special districts.

  2. Earning the certificate is a tangible acknowledgement of your transparency efforts.

  3. Demonstrate to your constituents and other stakeholders your district’s commitment to being open and accessible to them.

  4. Earning the certificate demonstrates a commitment to engaging the public and creating greater awareness of your district’s activities.


Sample Policies

Included for your review are sample policies similar to those requested in the application. These are samples that can be used as a starting point for policy/document development. SDLF always recommends you seek legal review prior to adopting district policy to ensure full compliance with any applicable laws and/or regulations. 


  1. Complete the application.
  2. Send application and all supporting materials to SDLF.
  3. Approval process review performed by SDLF staff.
  4. Receive your certificate and recognition.