Citizen's Academy

What is a Citizen’s Academy?

A Citizen’s Academy is an informational and/or instructional program designed to provide constituents of a district with the education needed for them to gain a strong working knowledge of the functions and operations of the district.

Districts Benefits:

When your constituents have a deep understanding of your operations, they form a greater appreciation for the services you provide. With that appreciation, they begin advocating for you and sharing their experience with others in the community. 

Community Benefits:

By opening your doors to the community, you are providing them with a deeper understanding of the services you provide and the important role you play in the community. You are allowing them to get to know your staff and their functions. All while increasing your District's transparency.

Tips for starting a Citizen’s Academy at your district

  • Consider funding and possible grants.
  • Create a plan outline - decide how many sessions to hold including the schedule and timing of each session, select your topics and presenters, consider hosting a facility tour, plan hands on activities.
  • Create a marketing plan – Social Media, Website, Newsletters



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District Spotlight

Costa Mesa Sanitary District

Costa Mesa Sanitary District

The Costa Mesa Sanitary District’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was created to give citizens within the District’s service area an opportunity to become more involved in the community by advising the Board of Directors on key issues. The CAC provides recommendations to the Board of Directors and District staff, evaluates the effectiveness of current programs and policies, and assists in formulating new programs and policies. Members discuss pressing topics and key issues in the world of special districts, including voting districts. For more information please visit

Napa Sanitary District

Napa Sanitary District

The NapaSan Citizens Academy offers an in-depth look at the wastewater treatment process and the functions of each department at NapaSan.  The Academy begins with a Saturday morning treatment plant tour followed by three consecutive Tuesday evening sessions.  For more information please visit